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It all started over a dozen years ago. As a member of one of equestrian clubs taking part in the organization of competitions was a problem with the decoration of the winning horses. Because the absence of production companies floot's difficult accessibility of materials with my friends decided to take up this task. We bought the available ribbons and dedicating a few nights we did them manually. Later emerged companies producing rosettes, so we decided to make buy from them. Unfortunately, this method has failed, because for some companies maroon color is the same as the color red. A very limited number of models and the reluctance to introduce new designs, inspired us to create a professional company which produces rosettes. Openness to new ideas and technologies led to the development of design office and to purchase of a new machinery.


Since the beginning existence of our company we are focus on high quality products and customer satisfaction. All our rosettes are made from high quality materials from proven manufacturers. Precision, accuracy and attention to detail with which we make our rosettes produce great results. This is confirmed by satisfied customers and constantly arriving new clients.
Results of our work can be seen browsing our offer.

High quality, handmade
Materials only from proven manufacturers
Precision work, attention to detail
Our object is customer satisfaction